Italy’s unemployment levels down

20 Mar 2019

workHigher levels of employment have been recorded in Italy, with the unemployment rate falling from 11.2% in 2017 to 10.6% last year, Italian statistics agency Istat revealed.

2018 saw the number of employed people increase for the fifth consecutive year, having risen by 192,000 from the number of people in employment in 2017.

Those below the age of 25 also experienced higher levels of employment, with the jobless rate dropping 2.6 percentage points to 32.2% - although only those ‘active’ in the labour market were taken into consideration.

Nonetheless, Italy’s youth unemployment rate could still use improvement, currently standing at around 31%. This marks as one of the highest in the EU.

According to the report, the employment increase was fuelled by temporary contracts, which increased by 323,000.