Italian submarine sunk in First World War found 101 years later

06 Aug 2018

underwaterAn Italian submarine has been found off the coast of the small island of Capraia, north of Elba in the Tyrrhenian Sea, after more than a hundred years.

The submarine had accidentally been sunk by British Warship HMS Cyclamen in March of 1917 after having been mistaken for a German U-boat – resulting in all 14 crew members on board losing their lives. Britain and Italy were allies during the First World War.

The wreck, named Alberto Guglielmotti after a 19th century priest and naval historian, was first discovered by a pair of Italian navy minesweepers during a routine exercise in the area. Specialists then used an underwater robot called a Multipluto to explore the wreck and confirm its identity.

One of the minesweepers, the Gaeta, had also found the wreck of the HMS Saracen – an English submarine sunk by two Italian Corvettes during the Second World War.

The Italian navy said: “The discovery of the submarine Guglielmotti confirms the operational effectiveness of the new underwater vehicles supplied to the Navy capable of operating at deep levels.

“This discovery is testimony to the courage and dignity of these men who, more than 100 years ago, served their country and made the ultimate sacrifice.”