HIS Markit survey shows Italian economy bounce back in Q2

16 Jul 2019

HIS Markit’s latest report showed hope for Italy’s economy, which was not doing so well at times. It was highlighted that the Italian business outlook got better between March until June.

Italian business confidence is at its highest mark in a year, conveyed in the survey which showed how future activity, employment rate and capital expenditure increasing since February. 

Following a tough economic first quarter, which had 0.1% growth and expectations for a similar second quarter, the report predicted that firms’ net balance is projected to increment within a year by an additional 29% -- the most increase in almost a year. 

HIS Markit stated, ‘This improvement since the opening quarter is the greatest among all the countries for which comparable data are available.’     

The survey also noted a new-high for manufacturers, as manufacturers’ net activity increasing by 28%, whereas service providers saw an addition of 30%. 
In addition, the unemployment rate declined to 9.9% in May, with around 67,000 jobs being created, pushing the employment rate up to 59%. 

The HIS Markit carries out it survey three times a year.